About PadMint

PadMint is a platform and search portal dedicated to multifamily investments. Whether you want to search the active marketplace, research off-market properties or connect with local agents, PadMint has you covered. PadMint is free and was built to provide transparent information to empower users to make confident investment decisions.


PadMint now offers a new way to search for multifamily investment opportunities. PadMint connected with the CRMLS and has every active listing for multifamily properties with 2+ units in Los Angeles County. Not only can you explore active listings, but you get to look at them in a whole new way. Filter searches based on your investment criteria like Number of Units, Cap Rates, GRM’s, Vacancies, Price Per Unit, Price Per Square Foot, and more!

The PadMint marketplace also offers unique tools like the “PadMint Analysis” tab that gives users our best interpretation of the investment opportunity. We have broken down and provided clear rent-rolls, vacancy information, estimated financial summaries, rent comps, suggested sale comps, and even show discrepancies from the listing information to county assessor information. Don’t forget to check out our valuation tool to see how the deal is priced!

You will never want to search for multifamily investments on any other platform again!


Researching multifamily assets has typically required paying a monthly subscription to access market information OR requires talking to someone who is paying for that information! Those days are gone! PadMint makes it easy for users to research relevant market data anytime, anywhere without feeling pressured or hassled. Users can generate instant estimated property valuations (Minted Estimates), view sales/rent comps, generate detailed property reports. Researching accurate market information has never been easier.

Find an Agent

Validating and connecting with local professionals in the multifamily industry has always been a difficult task. With PadMint Profiles, Agents can create accounts to start getting noticed by local property owners and owners can start learning who they would like to work with. PadMint makes it easy to explore, validate, and connect with others in the multifamily industry.