By PadMint Pro

4 Ways Agents Are Standing Out And Providing Value To Their Multifamily Clients With Our New Reports

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!  PadMint just realeased our Customizable Reports feature!  Agents can now put their logo and names on the report as well as edit the price, remove comparable properties, and enter in actual financials of the property!  This is how agents are currently using the reports!

"Warm" Calling - In an environment where it is tough to stand out and provide instant value to potential clients over the phone, you can now generate a full report for them in seconds and email it to them.  You can do this while you are still on the phone with them or when you get off!  Regardless if they are ready to sell this second or not, having a valuation report with your name and logo on it in their possession is huge.  You can now provide value and plant future seeds with clients without spending time putting together a report.  To put it simply, sending them a detailed valuation report instantly isn't going to hurt your business!

Listing Appointments - We understand some brokerages have departments who put together this information for their agents.  However, there are also a lot of agents who don't have this luxury or don't only do multifamily deals.  There is a lot of crossover between residential agents and 2-4 unit buildings.  Agents can now learn about multifamily assets and generate reports to feel confident when meeting with a potential seller.

Off Market Setup Sheets - Did you just pick up a lead and want to send it to a few potential investors?  Perfect.  Open up our reports, edit the price the seller told you he would sell for, download the PDF, and get it out to your investors ASAP.  Originally, you couldn't edit the price of our reports and had to use our "Minted Estimate" price.  Now you put the asking price and actual expenses if you have them!

On Market Deals - Find a good deal on the market?  Chances are the marketing brochure has the listing agents information all over it.  Now you can take on market deals and put them in your own branded brochures to send out to your clients.  Once again, the ability to send detailed reports to clients is never going to hurt you.  We know most people just throw deals into an Excel Setup Sheet but does that really make you stand out?  Stand out to your clients and always leave a good impression on them of your attention to detail!

Check out the tutorial video here to see how to use it!