By PadMint Pro

How Agents Get The Most Out Of PadMint

Understanding the market in depth is how agents create value for themselves in the industry. Knowledge is power and agents rely on solid information to make sure they keep up-to-date with their markets. To be a successful agent, you must have access to robust data and be able to easily digest it.

Agents now have one place to get all the information they need to analyze deals and provide great information to their clients. Here are some scenarios that agents will be able to utilize PadMint for:

Are you about to speak with a client about a specific area, and would like to discuss some of the recently sold apartment deals? No problem. With PadMint you can search all recently sold properties in a easy to use list and/or map view. You can filter details about the sale and view metrics like CAP%, GRM, $/SF, $/Unit, Sale Date, etc.

About to speak with a client about the estimated value of their building? Perfect. Getting instant and accurate valuations has never been so easy. As long as you know the monthly income of the building, PadMint will instantly give you an accurate estimated value based on the current comps in the market. Not only will PadMint provide the value, but it will also list out the most relevant comps and their sale details, giving you tons of information to speak about when speaking with the client.

Are you cold-calling and would like to separate yourself from the other agents calling the same owner? PadMint has you covered. When you are cold-calling you can now offer the owner on the other end of that call the ability to give them an instant and accurate estimated value of their building right over the phone. As long as they are willing to give you a monthly income, PadMint's Instant Valuation will do the work for you. You can discuss comps in the area and show this owner you know your stuff! Even if the owner doesn't know the exacty monthly income, you can easily estimate monthly income based on the unit-mix (also provided by PadMint) and still come up with a value.

Looking for good deals on the market? PadMint will change the way you search for deals. As an agent you have investors that are always looking to buy "well-priced" deals and you spend lots of your time on the MLS searching, but properties on the MLS can be daunting to look through. In competitive markets a majority of the deals on the market are simply overpriced, just waiting for that desparate investor to overpay. Even though there are many overpriced deals there are still deals out there to be made, you just have to find them. When looking at a lot of deals, there is just too much work to get a good idea of what the property should really be priced at to be an attractive investment. With PadMint's Instant Valuation Tool, you can now fly through properties on the MLS seeing which ones are priced to sell and which ones are just not realistic! Simply type in the address and the monthly income (provided by the MLS) and you instantly see what a good estimated value of this building should be based on the comps. This will allow you to pinpoint those great deals to send to your top investors!!

Want recognition for the deals you were involved in? With PadMint you are now able to "Claim your Comps". Being able to identify yourself as a capable agent sometimes means you have to brag a little about the work you have done. Many agents send out "Recently Sold" marketing cards that show owners and investors that they are active and mean business. Problem with that is those marketing efforts can be expensive and time consuming to put together. With PadMint's "Claim your Comp", agents can now identify themselves as representing a party in a sold transaction. When PadMint users are searching though deals they will be able to see the agent and/or agents that were involved in the sale of that property. Owners, investor, and other agents will now be able to see all the deals you have successfully closed on. What better way to show you know your stuff and get deals done.