By PadMint Pro

How Owners & Investors Get the Most Out of PadMint

If you invest and/or own multifamily properties, knowing industry trends and market history are key to optimizing your returns and identifying other opportunities. Whether you are a "mom & pop" owner or a real estate investment professional, knowing your stuff is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, these are serious investments that can create significant wealth. There should be no compromise when it comes to the information you consume and the data you look at if you want to play at the highest level.

Before PadMint, owners and investors didn't have an easy and accessible platform to help them further understand their investments and identify quality opportunities. To get quality information you either have to pay high subscription fees for complex software or rely on agents to provide it. With PadMint, all the multifamily information is now accessible in an easy-to-use platform that can be done on your own time. Search, learn and really get to know your markets when you have the time to do it from anywhere you please. PadMint offers a lot of powerful tools that owners and investors can utilize. Below are a few scenarios:

Do you own a few multifamily buildings in Los Angeles, know the money they make you, but aren't quite sure what the would be worth in today's market? PadMint can now solve this for you. Even if you are not looking to sell your apartment building, you can still go on PadMint, enter your address and monthly income and you will INSTANTLY receive an estimated market value for your property. No meeting with agents for "Free Property Valuations", no having to go through all the complex number/expenses of your building, just simply enter the address and monthly income to see an estimated value based on the current market! Unaware owners now have a place to get unfiltered and unbiased valuations based on actual facts.

Are you a professional investor that really understands the market and current values of your buildings, but still want to know what is going on in your areas of focus? PadMint is now the place you can go every day to research what is going on. With PadMint you can now easily search apartment sales anywhere you like. Filter sale details, select a location and instantly view all sale records for any building with 2 or more units. No need to farm title records or try to lookup areas on the MLS. All the data, at your fingertips, on your own time.  

Are you considering selling your property, get calls all the time from agents, but aren't really sure which agents are actually active in the market? With PadMint this is all changing. PadMint's "Claim your Comp" now allows agents to identify that they were involved in a sale of a property. Once they have been approved as a representing party, their information will be displayed on the sale record for all users to see. When searching sold properties in areas of interest, you will now be able to see which agents are doing deals and how many they are doing. No longer a guessing game of who the movers and shakers are.