By PadMint Pro

Never Make The Same Multifamily Cold-Call Again

In order to make multifamily brokerage a career you better be willing to put in the time to generate new leads. Whether you are looking for potential listings or new investors, successful real estate agents are always working to generate new business.

One of the most tried and true methods has been cold-calling, but we all know how fun that is... You spend a lot of your time making calls, leaving voicemessages, and occasionally get to speak to someone that says "they have no interest in talking".

Managers and mentors always tell young agents the same thing: "it is a numbers game! Keep calling and you will eventually find someone interested in talking more." This is true however there are a few things to consider.

Apartment owners get called multiple times per day from apartment agents looking for leads and they are all saying the same thing: "I am an apartment specialist in your area. Do you know how much your apartment building is worth today? I can provide you with a free property valuation and I also have All-Cash Buyers looking... blah... blah... blah".

In today's world you only have peoples attention for a second or two and you better be able to provide some useful information if you want them to give you the time of day.

With PadMint you now have instant access to information that allows you to have a quality conversation with a property owner. You have relevant sales and rental comps that you can speak to right on the spot. You want to give them a quick estimated valuation? No problem, with PadMint you can do that in seconds.

PadMint is meant to be a source of information that people can actually digest and think about at an appropriate time. If you are looking to get a lead, simply ask if you can send them a link to their property profile on PadMint so they can take a look. See what things are trading for in the area, what rent comps look like, and what an estimated value of their building is, or generate a quick report to email over to them!

PadMint is a powerful tool that allows you to provide valuable information rather than reading off some old script.