By PadMint Pro

PadMint Introduces Rent Comps and Valuation Reports

PadMint has recently released Rental Comparables as well as upgraded valuation reports that can be downloaded to PDF.  

Rent comps are important when it comes to apartment buildings.  It's important to stay up to date on what the current rent is in a given area.  By simply typing in a property address and clicking "Rent Comps" tab in the bottom left you can now view rents nearby a subject property.  No need to look all over the internet for rental comps as PadMint now gives it to you in seconds!  

Valuation Reports can be time consuming.  We have recently fully redesigned our valuation reports and allowed for anyone to easily download them to PDF in seconds.  No more looking for comps, entering financial information, and plugging everything into an excel sheet.  Let PadMint do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the things that matter. PadMint reports even calculate the down payment of a potential purchase based on the Debt Coverage Ratio(DCR) of 1.25!

We hope you guys enjoy the new features and we are excited for what we have in store for the upcoming weeks.

We love user feedback and listen to everyone's thoughts.  Feel free to reach out to with any suggestions!