By PadMint Pro

PadMint's New Agent Profiles Just Changed the Game

PadMint releases new agent profiles to help agents and brokers promote themselves in the marketplace.

PadMint's platform was built on the idea of connecting users in the multifamily industry. It is a transparent space where owners, agents, and investors can connect to do better business.

With the new profiles, agents can let other users know about themselves and the transactions they have represented.  

Agent profiles are just another step towards making the multifamily marketplace more transparent and user-friendly. Owners can see what agents are doing what deals, agents can easily send clients their profiles to make better connections, and investors can contact agents that may be doing business in their areas of interest.

These profiles are a foundation to build better business relationships. Just like PadMint is giving new access to market information, it is also allowing users in the industry to learn about and connect with new people.

Go create your PadMint Profile today!