By PadMint Pro

Agents, Generate Leads With PadMint's New Feature

Who wouldn't want their name, picture, company name, and contact information right in front of their potential clients/current clients when they are looking at information on PadMint? This feature allows them to be the "Contact Agent" for the links that they send out to clients.  The agents asked so we delivered!  

Agents and Brokers will now see a new user profile bar in the map portion of the property profile page with a share link icon titled "Generate Leads".  You can click this icon, copy the link, and share with your clients instantly! If you are talking with a potential client over the phone or just looking to share a property profile page with a current client of yours you can now share this link to be the contact agent and appear front and center on PadMint!

When the link is shared and opened by the recipient, your contact information will remain in the map portion of the property you shared as well as the other properties they visit.  Now you can share important information with your clients without hassling them to "meet for coffee."  Send the links that may be important to them and let them look at the information on their own time.  This is a great way to plant seeds while prospecting and approaching owners in a less intrusive way to look at the information that matters.

If you have a nice book of business already, this is a great opportunity to send them links to their current assets and have your name always appear on top as the Contact Agent!  If you don't have a book of business already, tell people over the phone you can email them a link to their property so they can see all the important information as well as your contact information so they can reach out if they have any questions.  Once again, this is another great feature that allows agents to have a different type of conversation over the phone with potential clients and also provide value to their current clients!