By PadMint Pro

Welcome To The Beta Version Of PadMint :)

Hello everyone!  

Meet PadMint (The Beta Version).  We hope you guys enjoy the features we currently have and and hope you'll provide us with feedback on things that need to get fixed up/tweaked and new things you would like to see in the future!  We have set out to create a trustworthy multifamily website for everyone in multifamily real estate.  We want to build the perfect website for you guys so we would love to hear your feedback!  Below is a list of the current features and how we think people will use them.

Instant Apartment Valuations - Now owners, agents, appraisers, and property management companies can instantly get valuations on what a building is estimated to be worth in todays market and look at all the most relevant recently sold buildings very easily. Pro Tip: You can use the valuation tool to identify undervalued deals.  Plug on market deals into the valuation tool and see what it is worth!

Save Property To "Portfolio"- From the property profile page you can save a property to your portfolio.  If you have generated an instant valuation for this property it will save to the portfolio page and the value will change as the market changes! (you don't need to have a valuation on the property to save it).  This could be a great tool for agents to update their clients on what is happening with their assets!  This is also a great tool for investment partners to view the value of their assets in the current market. Appraisers can easily generate a print out of a subject property before they head to their appraisal!

View Recent Sales Comps - Easily access multifamily transactions that occured on and off market in the search tab of our navigation bar (Adjust the sale date to see sold properties).  This should help people stay up to date on what is happening in Los Angeles County.  

Agents can "Claim Your Comp"- Agents/brokers can claim their recent transactions to be displayed on the subject property!  Once the information has been confirmed by us (very quickly) your picture, name, and brokerage will be displayed on the property for everyone to see!  This is a great way to get exposure when people are looking up valuations on properties nearby or just simply looking at sales comps.  Be sure to claim all your recent transactions as we have a few things in store to really amplify all the hard work you have accomplished!  Claimed transactions = free advertising!

View/Generate Reports Version 1- After generating a value on a property you can generate a report to share with your clients or business partners.  This is just a simple outline of the subject properties estimated value and most relevant recently sold buildings nearby.

Search All LA County Apartment Buildings - Under the search tab you can now see every apartment building in Los Angeles County 2+ Units!

We hope you guys enjoy and find value from PadMint.  We believe transparency within the multifamily sector will create a healthier and easier environment to operate in! Please send us any feedback or things you would like to see added to the site to!