By PadMint Pro

What is PadMint?

I think this blog post will help clear the air for everyone coming to the site and wondering what is this?  Agents are probably wondering if this platform is supposed to cut them out of their jobs and owners/investors are probably wondering if the platform is just used to sell leads to agents.  There are probably many things people are wondering...  So let's talk about it...

Two of PadMint's founders have a background in multifamily real estate while the third founder comes from the "tech" space.  For those who have been in the industry for a while, it's very clear that the lack of transparency and expensive monthly fees to access apartment data is starting to make things difficult and is creating an overall bad experience for owners and agents.  Zillow and Redfin changed the way people access residential real estate and the relationships between agents and their clients. Transparency made it possible for both agents and homeowners to now work on a team to successfully take a home to the market with the right strategy!   Multifamily doesn't have this.  Owners don't know who to trust since they get calls every day with different valuations and agents can't seem to get through to owners even if they have some valuable information to share! The lack of transparency has put a bad label on multifamily agents and we felt it was time to change all of this.

So whose side are we on?  Both sides!  Agents should be provided with the necessary tools to prospect and provide value to their clients while owners should be able to access basic information about their buildings without feeling pressured into something.

Agents - First and foremost, it's absurd you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month to access apartment data.  We hope one day we can fully eliminate that cost for you. We want to make it easy for property owners to notice you, your brand, and your hard work as they are looking up information on PadMint.  By building your profile on PadMint and "claiming" your past transactions owners will be able to easily see who the active agents are around their properties as well as reach out to you directly through your profiles.  View on and off-market sales comps, generate detailed customizable reports, build your profiles, or use our instant valuation tool to scan the market for good opportunities!

Owners - Chances are you've been receiving some phone calls about your apartment buildings.  Now you can confirm any information being told to you by simply typing in an address, adjusting your monthly income, getting an instant valuation, and seeing what is going on in the market around your property.  Does this mean you don't need to work with an agent?  Absolutely not.  Search zip codes for agents or click around on the sales comps to see which agents have recently been doing deals nearby.  You should always have a professional assist you in taking your property to the market because there are a lot of factors that come into play with apartment buildings! Click around on agent profiles to learn more about them and which areas they specialize in. Finally, you can also "track" your properties in your own private customizable portfolio to watch your apartment values change in real-time as the market changes.

PadMint wants to be a place for everyone in the multifamily space (Owners, Agents, Lenders, Prop MGMT, etc) to connect and easily access information. A community that builds better relationships through trust and transparency.