By PadMint Pro

What is PadMint's "Claim Your Comp" For Agents?

"Claim Your Comp" is a unique feature that we thought would help give agents the exposure they need in the markets that they are doing deals in! We just wanted to take a second to give a bit more of an explanation of what "Claim Your Comp" actually is.

Most other commercial real estate platforms have research teams made up of thousands of people who call agents after a transaction is completed and try to get details about the sale.  How long was the escrow?  Were there any vacancies at the time of sale?  What was the final purchase price?  Etc.  We agree that it's important to other agents or people using the platform to see specific details about a transaction so they can stay up to date with what is happening in the market and getting a better understanding of why a building may have sold for X price. The problem with this?  The agents get absolutely nothing in return for taking time out of their day to answer questions about their recent transaction and on top of it usually have to pay high monthly fees to access this information anyway!  Seems a bit unfair to us..

Now, agents can simply go to their profile, type in the property address that they represented, and go through a quick 3 step process confirming sale details.  It takes about 30 seconds.  What do they get in return?  The agents picture, name, and company name will be displayed on the property profile card for other agents, owners, appraisers, or property management companies to see as they are running property valuations nearby or simply looking at sales comps in that given area. It's a great way to get noticed while people are looking up information very close to the property that they have represented!  We give the agents free advertising in return for confirming their sale details.  We share their claims on our social media channels and plan on taking their exposure to the next level.  It seemed fair giving the agents the credit they deserve for the transactions they have done.  There is no reason why they shouldn't be rewarded and seen directly in the markets that they are doing deals in.  

Make sure to go claim all your recent sales for free exposure!