By PadMint Pro

PadMint Levels The Playing Field.

Coming up with an accurate multifamily property value isn't rocket science. Sure, there are a number of factors that come into play, but for the most part buildings trade based on what the market is bearing at that given time.

The phrase "Knowledge is Power" couldn't be more true when thinking about the multifamily industry. Everyone is out there trying to get an edge based on what they know. This is a good thing when we talk about things like people doing research on what the next hot area is or how to properly leverage their investments, but it becomes a bad thing when we are trying to get an edge by taking advantage of someone that just didn't know any better.

I am sure there are people that disagree with this, but the bottom line is that every property owner and agent should have access to information that helps them determine the true market value of the assett they are considering to sell.

PadMint levels the playing field by providing everyone with accurate transparent information to determine the market value of a multifamily property. No longer are the days where owners sell their building for half of what it is worth.

Some people may say that doesn't happen, but the truth is that it happens all the time. Usually it is an off-market transaction where owners accept the first offer they see. No owner or agent should ever sell a building without at least checking PadMint for an estimated value first!