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Property is shared with LA's most active investors
Receive offers over the next 48 hours
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With PadMint Direct, you get the same result for half the commission.

Traditional Sale
Real Estate Agent Fees
4% - 5%
Estimated Timeline
48 hours for offers + escrow
90+ day listing agreement + escrow
Buyer Types
Verified Multifamily Investors
Unknown buyers
Type of Sale
Private Sale
Public Sale
No contracts or restrictions
Exclusive contract + restrictions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started with PadMint Direct?
    Type in the address of your apartment building above to get started!
  • What if I don’t see my address when I search it above?
    PadMint has access to all multifamily buildings with 2 or more units in Los Angeles County. Sometimes, the county assessor's records don’t have the correct address. If you don’t see your address please email to get started.
  • What areas does PadMint Direct cover?
    PadMint currently covers all of Los Angeles County.
  • Can I use PadMint Direct if my property is already listed with a real estate agent?
    No! At this time, we are asking that no properties that are listed go through PadMint Direct.
  • If I am an agent can I submit one of my off market deals to PadMint Direct?
    Yes. Agents can use PadMint Direct if they would like us to try and find a buyer for their deal. We just ask that agents don’t submit any of their listings that are on the market.
  • Will my tenants find out about a sale through PadMint Direct?
    A traditional multifamily sale involves putting your building onto a public facing marketplace like Zillow & Redfin. Using PadMint Direct, your property remains off of all public facing sources!
  • What if I don’t want to accept any of the offers?
    No problem. There are ZERO obligations to accept offers received through PadMint Direct.
  • WIll I get the same results using PadMint Direct as I would listing my property on the market?
    Apartment buildings are investment properties and are bought based on the current returns they provide as well as upside potential. PadMint has an extensive network of active investors that are always looking for opportunities. If you are serious about selling your building, PadMint Direct will procure Market Rate offers for your buildings.
  • Will I start getting a bunch of calls if I choose to look at offers through PadMint Direct?
    No! Everything about PadMint Direct is private. You will only hear from us!
  • What happens if I Accept an offer from PadMint Direct?
    PadMint is a licensed California real estate brokerage that will help guide you through the process from start to finish. From understanding the terms and conditions of the offer, to opening escrow, to helping prepare the proper due diligence material, to coordinating any buyer inspections, all the way to closing, PadMint has you covered.
  • What if I accept a PadMint Direct offer but want to work with my own agent?
    No problem! You will just be responsible for paying them their fee. You pay 2% commission when working with PadMint.