Frequently Asked Questions

Is PadMint a brokerage?

No, PadMint is a neutral platform that does not operate as a brokerage.

Do I need to be worried about my information being shared?

NO! Our platform was created to be a safe ground for people wanting to access multifamily information on their own time. Any information provided by the user will only be displayed for them and stored on their profile! We are NOT a lead generating platform and you will not be bothered!

How does PadMint come up with the property valuations?

PadMint uses similar recently sold properties, market trends, and incomes to give accurate property valuations.

Is PadMint for brokers or property owners?

Everyone! PadMint is a platform for everyone in the multifamily sector of real estate to access information about specific properties. Owners, Brokers, Appraisers, and Property Management companies can all find value from using PadMint!

Is the value that I am receiving what my building could sell for?

The value you are seeing is an accurate starting point in accessing the value of your building. Our proprietary algorithm is currently on average 6% off of recently sold buildings in Los Angeles.

What if I have questions about some of the information I am seeing?

We have our PadMint Professionals on standby to help you with any questions 24/7 365. You will see a chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen at all times!

How much does PadMint cost?

PadMint is currently a free service.

What if I cannot find the address im looking for?

PadMint is currently only available for multifamily buildings with two or more units in Los Angeles. Buildings that are mixed use, single family, or sold as duplexes will not be listed. PadMint will be expanding soon, if you would like to recommend an expansion location please reach out to

What income should I enter in to receive property valuation?

PadMint asks that you enter in your gross monthly income (add up all rents for each unit = monthly income).