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What is PadMint?

PadMint is a multifamily community and marketplace. Our goal is to make it easy for investors and agents to connect with one another and close more deals. Our tools, marketplace, and profiles bring transparency to the market and make it easy to see who is active and what areas they are active in. Business in this market is all about relationships!

What type of properties can I find on PadMint?

PadMint currently operates only in the multifamily space (apartment buildings). This ranges from smaller apartment buildings such as a duplex all the way up to institutional buildings with 100+ units.

What areas does PadMint currently service?

PadMint currently covers all of Los Angeles County.

What separates PadMint from CoStar and Crexi?

Other sites focus on tools and/or listings. PadMint is focused on creating a collaborative community in the multifamily market. While our site will include the best tools and the most multifamily listings, the focus is on connecting agents and investors so they can start building working relationships and close more deals together.

What is the “Minted Estimate” I see on listings?

Using market data, nearby sales, and nearby rents we can calculate an estimated value for the subject property. We call this estimate the “Minted Estimate”

What does the future hold for PadMint?

Coming soon you will see a “news feed” full of the multifamily market activity. Agents and investors will be able add friends through their profiles, promote their listings, share listings on the feed and digest the market in a new way. Investors will be able to post their investment criteria to easily get matched with agents that have listings that fit their needs. Using technology we can streamline the process of prospecting for a lead, turning that lead into a deliverable deal, finding the best investors for that deal, and connect them for a successful close.