How It Works

PadMint is a multifamily platform and community that aims to bring transparency to the marketplace. Whether you are an owner, agent, lender, or property management company you now have a trusted and transparent website to visit for instant reliable information. We currently cover Los Angeles County, buildings 2 units and above!



Researching multifamily assets has typically been behind some sort of monthly paywall. Those days are gone! PadMint makes it easy for users to research relevant market data anytime, anywhere. Users can get instant property valuations, view sales/rent comps, generate detailed reports, and save properties to a private portfolio which tracks the assets in real time! Researching accurate market information has never been easier.


Validating and connecting with other people in the multifamily industry has always been a difficult task. Using PadMint Profiles, users can create an account to start getting noticed and connect with other people in the industry. PadMint makes it easy to explore, validate, and connect with others in the multifamily industry.