In order to make confident decisions about your investment property, understanding its current value is paramount. Is it time to sell? Is it time to refinance? PadMint empowers owners with the data they need in order to make smarter investment decisions.

Property Valuation

Search for a property address above, then enter the monthly income when prompted. PadMint’s Valuation Tool, Minted Estimate, instantly generates an estimated value for your building using relevant sale and market data.

Private Portfolio

See the value of all your multifamiliy assets in one place with the PadMint Private Portfolio. Property valuations update in real time as market conditions change.

Make Confident Decisions

Property owners can leverage the information provided by PadMint's Valuation & Portfolio tools to make informed decisions. For the first time, multifamily investors have access to transparent information, any time, any where.

How We Calculate the Minted Estimate

Using the most recent on & off market sales data

When valuing your apartment building, PadMint’s algorithm automatically identifies the most relevant sales comps. The algorithm analyzes factors such as the distance from the subject property, sale date, number of units, square footage, and year built in order to recognize which comparable sales are most relevant.

Using property incomes

Apartment building values are established largely due to the income they generate and/or could potentially generate. PadMint’s algorithm analyzes the incomes of the relevant sale comps to identify accurate market conditions by looking at CAP Rates, Gross Rent Multipliers, and market-rate Rental Comps.

Using active listings and market trends

Although it is important to use the most recent sales and income data when valuing a property, it is also important to analyze what is currently happening in the area. PadMint analyzes nearby properties for sale, market rents, and new developments to further understand current market conditions and pricing metrics.